Welcome on Augabis’ blog!

Dear Visitor, welcome to our blog dedicated to Augabis project!

We are two students at Université Lille 1 (Nothern France), Jérôme Tanghe and Yucheng Cao, and we are the developers of Augabis as part of our training in Platine unit, where we are invited to develop a project of our choice.

What’s Augabis?

Augabis is a free (as in freedom), self-hostable Web application designed to manage your ToDo-lists. Its goal is to help you to get rid of proprietary software like Evernote or Todois with an open-source (GPLv3) solution.

It is inspired by wallabag project, a free software that allows you to save links you want to see later.

Can I contribute?

Source code is currently not available, so it is currently not possible to contribute directly on it, and the beta version will probably come late. But there are many other ways to help us if you want! How? Well, that’s easy: (almost) once a week, we will write a post on this blog to inform you of the progress of the project, and leak some screenshots and functions of the application. Feel free to tell us in the comments your opinion and your ideas to improve them! 🙂

Author: Jérôme Tanghe

Master E-Services student at Université Lille 1, I'm the initiator of Augabis project. Email: deuchnord@outlook.fr

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