Ready, study, code!

Today, we have finally started the development of Augabis! As the time begins to lack a little, we have decided to use the famous framework Symfony 3, since we have currently some courses about it, and since it seems to fit perfectly with the project.

Our Platine professor has organised too a meeting with students at ESAAT (École Supérieure Arts Appliqués et Textile), in order to give us the opportunity to get tips about the design of the mocks-up presented by Yucheng last week. They gave us many very useful advises to improve both our general design and our graphical identity:

  • One of the most important is the main colour: red is a very bad idea for an application for managing ToDos, as this is a stressing colour. A more relaxing colour as blue or green is really important. If you come often on this site through the home page, you may have noticed the background of Augabis’ logo has switched to blue-green. This should be the new main colour of the Web application, instead of the previous red. The logo will also be adapted in consequence in a few time.
  • On the main list, a note should not exceed about 50 to 80 characters in width and 2 or 3 lines in height. If a note is too long, we have to cut it.
  • The list layout we proposed will finally not be implemented, as it does not allow to meet with the previous observation.
  • The logo should not display at the same time the check box and the title Augabis, because this gives twice the same information. So, we have decided to display only the check box 🙂

We would like to thank the students at ESAAT for their really interesting hints on our design!

Author: Jérôme Tanghe

Master E-Services student at Université Lille 1, I'm the initiator of Augabis project. Email:

2 thoughts on “Ready, study, code!”

  1. Funny to read “red is a very bad idea” while the one competitor I think about your project is Todoist. Its main color is red. :p
    Still, the new color looks fine. 🙂

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