Progression of Augabis

Last week we have changed several design issues, which could enable our web app to be more and comfortable to use.

This week’s topic is the assignment of the works. It means that we separated different parts of development, and each of us chose certain part to carry on. Our major developments are list of the notes, the details of the notes, login/signout session and the toolbar at the top of the page.

Unfortunately, we are not that familiar with the framework symfony. It pretty cost time to master the symfony, especially the configuration of the environment. Moreover, the course has not yet discussed the usage of “Model”, so we have no concrete idea of how to implement it yet. Therefore, the parts mentioned above are programmed without the implementation of the database.

Last but not least, we have reviewed the points with the coach (link) since last meeting. Cédric thought that it’s really convinient to use the framework in order to avoid duplicated works and focus on the logic of the application. He has also given us many valuable suggestions about the management of the project which enlighten our insights.

So that’s all for this week. Thanks for your reading. See you next week :).

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