We have a new logo!

Today, Solène, a student of ESAAT who visited us in November, has created a brand new logo for Augabis. After having chosen a font (Roboto from Google), she has made a really nice draw of what will from now be our logo:

This logo is much rounder than the first: it follows the idea to make a less aggressive design we started to embrace in November. The horizontal lines represent the tasks you write in Augabis, represented by the circle which encompasses them.

We would like to thank Solène $10^{10^{10}}$ (yep, a Googolplex) times for her really precious help! Feel free to tell us what you think about it 🙂

Author: Jérôme Tanghe

Master E-Services student at Université Lille 1, I'm the initiator of Augabis project. Email: deuchnord@outlook.fr

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