We’ve presented Augabis to our classmates!

Wednesday, we have finally presented Augabis to the other students from Master E-Services.

As we promised, here are the poster and the video we have made to present our project!

The video

Below is the video we have made. English subtitles are available if you don’t speak French ūüėČ

We would like to thank Nathalie Vaurette, our Video teacher, for her advises, Armand Bour, a friend of ours who accepted to play in our video (check out his and his partner’s project, Crispy Magic!), and LILLIAD Learning Center¬†staff who have accepted that we use their¬†Salle Y, a space designed to make new teaching methods¬†emerge.

The poster

Aren’t you tired by all these Post-it?

And now?

Augabis’ source code will be opened¬†very soon (probably after Valentine’s Day), just after¬†having tweaked some details to make it possible for a future community to contribute to source code.

In the meantime, I would like to thank very much:

  • Yucheng, who has joined me on this project and has made a really nice work
  • C√©dric Houbart, who oversaw our project
  • Jean-Claude Tarby, lecturer at the University Lille 1, who has accepted that we work on Augabis during¬†Platine Projects
  • The students from ESAAT, who advised us for the graphic identity, and Sol√®ne for the great logo
  • Marius Bilasco, the Master E-Services training manager who has a little advertised about Augabis on Twitter
  • And you, dear reader, who follow this blog!

Author: J√©r√īme Tanghe

Master E-Services student at Université Lille 1, I'm the initiator of Augabis project. Email: deuchnord@outlook.fr

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